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Welcome to the Official Website of VICTOR OSCAR GOLF DX Group


VICTOR OSCAR GOLF DX Group is a 11-meters DX Group, formed October 31st 2012 by his Founder 18VOG001 Jim in GREECE.This DX Group is formed by extremely experienced, qualified and skilled operators.

Apply for membership:
If you like the ideas and thoughts about VICTOR OSCAR GOLF DX Group, then feel free to apply for membership. When apply, then please notice that we really believe in our ideas... By this we mean that being a member means that we believe in your professionalism, skills and behaviour.

More to come:
It is VICTOR OSCAR GOLF DX Group vision to gather true DX’ers worldwide, in order to feel solidarity to old friends and meet new friends.

VICTOR OSCAR GOLF DX Group Vision is also to make changes to our band. This DX Group believes that the DX Group - as a DX Group - has no influence. But our members (via their behaviour) gives the DX Group influence. This influence must be used to make positive changes to our band.

New standards:
We are ready to set new standards of quality for the 11-meter community, in order to lead our hobby to new grounds based on skills, behaviour and knowledge. We believe, that this will be spread worldwide by our members.Our philosophy is that we do a Hobby and not business.That means that we do not accept money from our VOG members and we do not accept any Contribution “Negative Contribution” for all the VOG radio activities.That makes the difference to the

Thanks for visiting our Official Website

18VOG001 Jim
Founder of the VICTOR OSCAR GOLF DX Group

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